Pixel Perspective 
Most people think Photography is just about holding the lens behind a camera, But at Pixel Perspective the journey began with the fascination towards how to photograph capturing moments and emotions. It mesmerizes how memories that fade with time stay alive on a small piece of paper. Thus began the journey of experimentation with the craft.
Indulging in photography as a hobby has now developed into a passionate profession, my career path started when my certification in Photography at JD Institute of Fashion Technology was obtained by becoming a full-time photographer for Odette.in & also JD Institute of Fashion Technology. 
Bringing a specialist in Editorial, event, Product, Fashion, E-Commerce and Infant photography through Mama & Miniature venture into Pixel Perspective studio will allow more clients to access the skill set and collaborate to capture their memories and moments and also revisit at any time.
I, Pramod K P founder of Pixel Perspective studio Welcome you all for a memorable journey
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